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Transformer Health Products®

SPX Waukesha manufactures a group of Transformer Health Products® designed to increase reliability and life of your transformer while lowering the cost of maintenance: nitrogen generators, inert air systems, dehydrating breathers, LTC oil filtration systems and PTC heaters. Although branded together for the same end result, each of these components offers its own unique functionality:

  • Nitrogen Generator
  • Inert Air
  • Oil Filtration
  • Auto-Recharging Dehydrating Breather
  • PTC Heater

2nd Generation Nitrogen Generator System2nd Generation Nitrogen Generator

This product produces nitrogen from the air we breathe! SPX Waukesha's nitrogen generator provides a continuous (on-demand) source of pure, dry nitrogen to protect and maintain the nitrogen blanket on sealed transformer tanks. Notable features include the following:

  • Produces nitrogen at 120 psi instead of the traditional 3000 psi of a standard nitrogen cylinder; lower pressure means less system leaks
  • Maintains transformer tank pressure between 0.2 and 5.5 psi to protect transformer oil from oxidation and moisture absorption
  • Eliminates the need to transport and replace nitrogen bottles and the potential risk of maintenance personnel soft tissue injuries

Our patented second generation nitrogen generator system was designed for use on transformer main tanks, tap changers, breakers and any other electrical device requiring a nitrogen gas-blanketed enclosure. This robust system offers a controlled environment to ensure consistent nitrogen purity and supplies compressed nitrogen gas at a much lower psi than traditional bottle pressures to significantly reduce the possibility of system leaks.

Other benefits include the following:

  • Eliminates the need to lift and risks of replacing nitrogen bottles
  • Four non-powered alarm contacts monitor condition of the nitrogen generator system externally
  • Industry standard lockable cabinet fits same footprint as fully-enclosed inert air system, and nitrogen gas line exiting the enclosure is in a standard location to make installation easy, especially in retrofit applications
  • Positive pressure nitrogen gas regulation system maintains transformer tank pressure between 0.2 and 5.5 psi to protect transformer oil from oxidation and moisture absorption

High purity nitrogen gas is generated as needed and stored in a tank to provide a reserve supply of nitrogen in the event of power failure. Included SCADA output terminals monitor low/high transformer pressure, low storage tank pressure and control system temperature alarm. A coalescing filter assembly protects hollow fiber nitrogen membrane from particle contamination, while a climate control module regulates system temperature for optimum nitrogen purity (99% to 99.5%).

For more performance and electrical / mechanical specifications as well as return on investment information on our second generation nitrogen generator systems, please contact us or download the following brochure (in Adobe Acrobat format):

 2nd Generation Nitrogen Generator Brochure (804k)
 2nd Generation Nitrogen Generator Brochure - Español (832k)
 2nd Generation Nitrogen Generator Manual (1.72Mb)

Inert Air Systems

Inert Air
Inert Air Mini
Full Length Cabinet — Nitrogen tank enclosed in lockable cabinet (tank NOT included) Standard Cabinet — Nitrogen tank mounted externally (tank NOT included)

Our positive pressure Standard, Full Length and Mini Inert Air Systems are designed to protect transformer oil in the main tank from oxidation and moisture absorption by keeping tank pressure at proper preset levels.

Systems utilize a replaceable nitrogen tank and three-stage pressure gauge for low gas supply. Pressure alarms are provided for both low and high tank pressures. By using these preset gauges and valves, our Inert Air Systems maintain transformer tank pressure between 0.2 psi and 5.5 psi. If tank pressure reaches a minimum 0.2 psi, nitrogen gas is sent from the nitrogen supply cylinder through the reducing valve assembly and into the transformer tank. If tank pressure rises above 5.5 psi, a pressure relief valve automatically opens to bleed off excess tank pressure.

Contacts are provided for installation of an alarm system to signal if gas pressure at the supply cylinder should drop below 200 psi. A pressure gauge serves as a visual indicator of supply cylinder pressure. Alarm provisions are also available to signal when transformer tank pressure exceeds 5.5 psi and when tank pressure drops below 0.2 psi.

For cabinet specifications and detailed drawings as well as part number configurations on our inert air systems,please contact us at the phone/e-mail address above or download the following brochure (in Adobe Acrobat format):

 Mini Inert Air Systems Brochure (1.7 Mb)
 Mini Inert Air Systems Brochure - Español (394k)
 Inert Air (N2) Systems Brochure (762k)
 Inert Air (N2) Systems Brochure - Español (599k)
 Inert Air (N2) Systems Manual (732k)

Oil Filtration Systems

SPX Waukesha offers three models of LTC Oil Filtration Systems as part of our Transformer Health Products® line: 2nd Generation (OF2), Retrofit and Retrofit-Plus. Each of them is designed to be installed on most LTC models to remove carbon and metallic particles produced during normal LTC operation, keeping oil in peak condition with minimal maintenance. For flexible operation, all systems include an adjustable timer which allows customers to configure the system to their specifications—daily, every other day, weekly or every other week in intervals of two, four, eight and 24 hours run time.
Oil Filtration Systems
The OF2 features a tilt-out, tool-free filter change system for easy replacements as well as a 5+ gallon leak-catch sump with sump alarm, low flow alarm, high pressure alarm, anti-condensation cabinet heater, remote system shutdown relay and heavy duty circuit breaker on incoming power. And because filter replacement does not reqoil filtration systemsuire pump reversal or shutdown, dirty oil stays in the filter while system oil stays clean and in peak condition.

Our Retrofit-Plus Oil Filtration System was designed to meet the filtration demands of higher oil volume load tap changers (greater than 200 gallons) while providing flexibility to meet individual customer specifications. This system provides filtration with an oil flow rate range from 3 to 4 GPM, motor choices of 1/4 to 1/2 horsepower and is adaptable to a variety of industry-standard filters.

With the appropriate filter installed, the Retrofit-Plus and OF2 systems can remove dissolved water and extremely fine carbon and metallic particles to maintain peak performance of LTC oil, extend the life of your equipment and lengthen the period between maintenance intervals.oil filtration systems

Our standard Retrofit Oil Filtration System features a compact, lightweight design that permits easy installation. Pump maintains a flow rate of 1.8 GPM to minimize tank turbulence. Sealed, environmentally-friendly filter canister eliminates the mess and hassle created when working with traditional filter cartridges. New filters ship filled with oil, eliminating the need to supply make-up oil. For customers who have our standard filter but would like to standardize on something else, we offer an adapter kit to make this system compatible with a variety of industry-standard filters.

For system specifications and detailed drawings as well as part number configurations on our oil filtration systems, please contact us or download the following brochure (in Adobe Acrobat format):

OF2 – 2nd Generation LTC Oil Filtration System (702k)
Retrofit & Retrofit-Plus LTC Oil Filtration Systems Brochure (580k)
OF2 – 2nd Generation LTC Oil Filtration Manual (1.4Mb)


2nd Generation Auto-Recharging Dehydrating Breathers

Automatic recharging of desiccant maintains peak drying performance, reducing maintenance costs associated with periodic replacement / disposal of saturated silica gel.

SPX Waukesha's patented second generation auto-recharging dehydrating breather (ARDB2) uses breather intelligence technology and a bypass valve to automatically schedule regeneration and isolate the transformer from the silica gel. Its modular design and high temperature, UV resistant, anti-corrosive plastic housing allow for use in confined areas.

ARDB with lightsMaintenance costs are reduced by keeping the silica gel dry, thereby eliminating the need for periodic replacement / disposal of saturated silica gel. Logic controls that automatically "learn" to regenerate during transformer exhale only drive moisture out of the desiccant while keeping the transformer isolated from steam-generated contaminants. Included easy-to-operate timer allows variable time-based settings for user-controlled regeneration of silica gel while intelligent humidity sensor serves as a back-up to ensure user-based settings are adequate for proper breather operation. Integrated LED indicators visually alert user of breather operational status at a glance, and relay contacts are included for remote (SCADA) breather monitoring. Configurations available in small (8000 gallon capacity) and large (18,000 gallon capacity) — for increased capacity, multiple ARDB2s may be applied to the same tank.

During regeneration, a heating element located inside the ARDB2 assembly heats the partially saturated silica gel, driving moisture out. This moisture condenses on the polycarbonate tube, forming free water, which then flows down the tube and out the bottom vent.

All ARDB2s ship with Enviro-Gel™, an environmentally-friendly and enhanced performance silica gel. This desiccant remains orange in color as long as it stays dry and turns clear when saturated.

For breather specifications, detailed drawings including a flow diagram, LED indicator colors and meanings as well as part number configurations on our second generation auto-recharging dehydrating breathers, please contact us or download the following brochure (in Adobe Acrobat format):

2nd Generation Auto-Recharging Dehydrating Breather (ARDB2) Brochure (625k)
2nd Generation Auto-Recharging Dehydrating Breather (ARDB2) Brochure - Español (619k)
2nd Generation ARDB Manual (1.5 Mb)
1st Generation Universal ARDB Installation and Use Instructions (451k)

2nd Generation Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC2) Heaters

PTC2 HeaterOur Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heater automatically maintains an enclosure temperature only slightly higher than the outside ambient temperature without using a thermostat or controls thereby protecting against heat damage and condensation.

SPX Waukesha's second generation Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC2) heaters can improve the reliability, efficiency and operational life of electrical equipment by automatically maintaining an enclosure temperature only slightly higher than the outside ambient temperature without a thermostat or controls. The PTC2 performs this function better than the original PTC with a higher velocity fan while taking up less space and having no need for any special mounting platforms.

PTC2 Heater ApplicationThese economically-priced electrical cabinet heaters use a variable resistance (current limiting) material that automatically controls cabinet temperature. During cold weather when significant heat is required to reach the a thermostat setting, the PTC2 heater's integral circulating fan moves warm air around the cabinet, maintaining even heat distribution and providing uniform condensation protection as opposed to traditional strip heaters that oftentimes drive temperatures well above desirable levels in the areas around them.

For second generation PTC heater specifications and detailed photos, please contact us or download the following brochure (in Adobe Acrobat format):

2nd Generation PTC2 Heater Brochure (782k)
2nd Generation PTC2 Heater Brochure — Español (655k)
2nd Generation PTC2 Heater Manual (691k)



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