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Transformer Health Products®

SPX Waukesha manufactures a group of Transformer Health Products® designed to increase reliability and life of your transformer while lowering the cost of maintenance: nitrogen generators, inert air systems, dehydrating breathers, LTC oil filtration systems and PTC heaters. Although branded together for the same end result, each of these components offers its own unique functionality:

2nd Generation Nitrogen Generator System2nd Generation Nitrogen Generator

This product produces nitrogen from the air we breathe! SPX Waukesha's nitrogen generator provides a continuous (on-demand) source of pure, dry nitrogen to protect and maintain the nitrogen blanket on sealed transformer tanks. Notable features include the following:

  • Produces nitrogen at 120 psi instead of the traditional 3000 psi of a standard nitrogen cylinder; lower pressure means less system leaks
  • Maintains transformer tank pressure between 0.2 and 5.5 psi to protect transformer oil from oxidation and moisture absorption
  • Eliminates the need to transport and replace nitrogen bottles and the potential risk of maintenance personnel soft tissue injuries

Our patented second generation nitrogen generator system was designed for use on transformer main tanks, tap changers, breakers and any other electrical device requiring a nitrogen gas-blanketed enclosure. This robust system offers a controlled environment to ensure consistent nitrogen purity and supplies compressed nitrogen gas at a much lower psi than traditional bottle pressures to significantly reduce the possibility of system leaks.

Other benefits include the following:

  • Eliminates the need to lift and risks of replacing nitrogen bottles
  • Four non-powered alarm contacts monitor condition of the nitrogen generator system externally
  • Industry standard lockable cabinet fits same footprint as fully-enclosed inert air system, and nitrogen gas line exiting the enclosure is in a standard location to make installation easy, especially in retrofit applications
  • Positive pressure nitrogen gas regulation system maintains transformer tank pressure between 0.2 and 5.5 psi to protect transformer oil from oxidation and moisture absorption

High purity nitrogen gas is generated as needed and stored in a tank to provide a reserve supply of nitrogen in the event of power failure. Included SCADA output terminals monitor low/high transformer pressure, low storage tank pressure and control system temperature alarm. A coalescing filter assembly protects hollow fiber nitrogen membrane from particle contamination, while a climate control module regulates system temperature for optimum nitrogen purity (99% to 99.5%).

For more performance and electrical / mechanical specifications as well as return on investment information on our second generation nitrogen generator systems, please contact us or download the following brochure (in Adobe Acrobat format):

 2nd Generation Nitrogen Generator Brochure (804k)
 2nd Generation Nitrogen Generator Brochure - Español (832k)
 2nd Generation Nitrogen Generator Manual (1.72Mb)


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