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SPX Transformer Solutions Adds Service Equipment and Locations

July 26, 2013 – SPX Transformer Solutions has invested nearly $1.8M this year for new vacuum oil purification equipment, service trucks and test equipment. The additional equipment helps relieve some of the capital constraints we have experienced with high customer demand over the past two years and further strengthens SPX Waukesha’s position as one of the best equipped domestic power transformer service organizations specializing in installations, testing, technical assessments, oil processing and maintenance.

Two new vacuum oil purification systems from Baron USA have increased SPX Waukesha’s fleet to 14 units. The new processors are rated for 2400 GPH processing and are fully self-contained with onboard power generation and dry air generation systems. The processors also contain the latest instrumentation for monitoring transformer conditions while processing, including moisture content, dew points and gas levels. The units are also fully stocked with the latest electrical test equipment to measure and assess transformer conditions, including power factor, turns ratio, excitation, frequency response analysis, insulation and winding resistance, and current transformer ratio and excitation.

In addition to the new processors, we continue to modernize our field service organization’s vehicle fleet with the addition of 15 new service trucks and two new semi tractors to help move our large equipment to customer sites. A maintenance trailer has also been configured to allow
for self-contained LTC service, including oil storage, handling and parts storage.

Finally, SPX Waukesha has recently opened two regional service centers:  one in Dallas, Texas and the other in Kenner, Louisiana (near New Orleans). These service centers will help support high customer demand in these regions along with providing opportunities for further market penetration. Staffed with current personnel from the service organization, these centers will allow for lower logistics costs and increased levels of service.

With these new investments, SPX Waukesha maintains one of the largest fleets of specialized transformer service equipment in the United States. This large, modern equipment base allows us greater flexibility, more capacity, faster response times, reduced installation hours and lower costs while helping us provide more efficient, safe and better quality service to our utility, public power, municipal, OEM and industrial customers.

  SPX Waukesha Service Vehicle
New oil processing rig rolls into Goldsboro from Baron USA in Tennessee.
SPX Waukesha Service Vehicle
Inside shots of the new rig.
SPX Waukesha Service Vehicle
New tool trucks used by field service technicians have helped employees be better prepared on-site.
SPX Waukesha Service Center Dallas
New Dallas, TX regional service center located in our Components facility on Governors Row.
SPX Waukesha Service Center Louisiana
Louisiana regional service center.
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