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Waukesha Service Reaches Three Year Milestone Without a Lost Time Injury

Waukesha Service team member receives handson confined space rescue and fall protection training.
Field Service employees brush up on their CPR skills each year.

June 21, 2010 – Today signifies an incredible safety milestone for Waukesha Service as the group reaches the THREE YEAR mark without a lost time injury. Our crews’ continued drive for safety has become a behavioral focus and source of pride for the entire organization.

Our service teams face multiple challenges on a daily basis, such as strict customer requirements, adverse weather conditions, congested construction sites and limited installation schedules. In addition to on-the-job training, each individual is required to complete customer training and participate in annual company training. The week-long annual training consists of hands-on exercises, classroom courses, technical development and quality control. Management has shown their support by encouraging and participating in these training events as well as helping to establish vendor contacts. In addition, Waukesha has invested over $400,000 in safety equipment over the last three years.

In conjunction with field performance audits, our crews employ peer-to-peer discussions and perform daily job safety analyses to reduce their exposure to safety risks. Our employees continuously aim to drive a behavior-based safety culture where they look out for themselves and their coworkers while increasing awareness and identifying hazards. The group has aggressively focused on spotting and capturing “near miss” incidents so that potential injuries or accidents can be eliminated prior to occurrence of a recordable event. All near misses are then subjected to root cause analysis that helps eliminate reoccurrences.


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