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Load Tap Changer Maintenance

Help Ensure Proper Transformer Operation With Professional LTC Maintenance

Waukesha Service has the ability and expertise to service most Load Tap Changers in use in the United States today. We can perform a condition assessment of your LTCs to advise what is wrong or what can be done to increase reliability and extend the life of this important asset. Our components division in Dallas, TX, can provide a complete parts kit so when we service an LTC, we have the correct parts at the jobsite to promptly repair the unit rather than waiting for parts to arrive to complete the job. This process can save time and money! Waukesha Service also has the necessary equipment and manpower to remove the oil to perform an in-tank LTC inspection and either clean or, more typically, replace the LTC oil.

To keep your LTC operating properly, Waukesha Service can make necessary repairs or adjustments:

  • Replace old or worn gaskets
  • Fix leaks
  • Replace contacts, check alignment and timing
  • Provide and replace phase moldings and tap heads
  • Replace the complete internal operating mechanisms on some models of tap changers
  • Check the regulating relays for proper operation

Proper LTC oil maintenance can reduce arcing times and extend contact life. To keep your LTC oil clean and dry, Waukesha can provide and install maintenance-saving devices such as Oil Filtration Systems and ARDBs (Auto-Recharging Dehydrating Breathers).

Comprehensive LTC maintenance training is available through Waukesha Components. Classes are scheduled regionally throughout the year for several of the most common models of tap changers in operation today. Experienced instructors also offer LTC training at our High Intensity Training facility in Dallas, TX. Training can also be scheduled at your facility if that's most convenient and cost-effective for you. For more information on these training classes, click here to visit our Components training page.

For further details on our LTC maintenance expertise, download the following brochure (in Adobe Acrobat format):

PDF icon LTC Expertise Flyer (721kb)

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