Electrical Print Reading Courses

Print Reading Training for Substations

Following our highly successful Load Tap Changer courses Waukesha® Training has developed a specialized, specific and targeted Electrical Print Reading training for Substations.

Our Electrical Print Reading course covers actual substation drawings used today as well as the customer submitted drawings for training and review. Real life applications and troubleshooting techniques and procedures are discussed and examined through out the print reading course.

This course is designed to prepare electrical personnel to troubleshoot from electrical prints commonly used at power substations. Students will begin with one-lines and three-lines and progress through schematics. Students may bring examples of their own substation’s prints to use during practical exercises. Low-, medium- and high-voltage installations will be reviewed as requested by students.

Students are broken into groups for troubleshooting and operational exercises and graded on the accuracy of their presentations. This team work atmosphere assures that no student is left behind and cultivates team building skills.

Training events are available at your location or at any one of the SPX Waukesha plant facilities: Waukesha, WI; Goldsboro, NC or the Dallas, TX.


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