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To meet the ever-increasing need for reliable electric power, SPX Transformer Solutions invests in research, technology and new product design, remaining focused on improving industry standards and leading innovations to serve the evolving needs of the power delivery industry.

  • Engineering & Design Tool Advancements
  • Patent Innovations

Engineering & Design Tool Advancements

SPX Waukesha engineers develop various analytical and design tools to continue manufacturing reliable products efficiently and economically. These tools are used for designing production units that are highly engineered and customized to meet specific requirements of the end user's power system:

  • Design Optimization programs
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) programs
  • Electromagnetic Analysis tools (for stray loss and mechanical force analyses)
  • Mechanical Stress Analysis
  • Heat Transfer Analysis
  • Statistical Process Development (Six Sigma)
  • Dielectric Stress Analysis


Patent Innovations

SPX Transformer Solutions is recognized for the development of cost effective solutions and innovative products that continue to meet the application and operational needs of its customers. Newly developed products are certified through extensive prototyping and testing before being released for production. Products built by SPX Waukesha manufacturing, whether in Goldsboro or Waukesha, undergo vigorous routine tests to ensure that SPX Waukesha quality, reliability and long service life are part of the package.

Examples of patented Waukesha® product innovations in production today:


DETC (De-Energized Tap Changer)

Patent No. 5,744,764

DETC Operation:
The electrical contacts of the fixed DETC contact blocks are connected to different taps of the transformer allowing the turns ratio to be adjusted to meet specific voltage requirements.

To make the appropriate connection between the fixed electrical contacts, each DETC has a cylindrical movable bridging bar that is mounted on a shaft and driven simultaneously through the hollow bores of the fixed contact blocks. The solid copper bridging bar has multiple contact bands for increased current carrying capacity and short circuit strength.

Each drive shaft is connected by a mechanism to a handle mounted outside the transformer tank. The handle can be manually operated to position the movable contacts a selected distance to change the tap connections to the transformer during “off-load” conditions.

For information regarding “on-load” tap changers to automatically compensate for demand load and supply voltage fluctuations, please review the section on our reliable and field-proven Waukesha® UZD-type LTC.

DETC -- De-Energized Tap Changer DETC
The patented Waukesha® Linear DETC (De-Energized Tap Changer) features a rugged, compact, non-metallic and modular switch design that allows greater flexibility of placement and increased short circuit withstand capability. It features an innovative rack and spur gear drive system that provides accurate alignment and positive tap change.

ARDB (Auto-Recharging Dehydrating Breather)

Patent No. 5,902,381

Patented Waukesha® Auto-Recharging Dehydrating Breathers are available in single small (5000 gal. capacity), single large (12,000 gal. capacity), dual large (24,000 gal. capacity) or any combination configuration of the two for new and retrofit applications. All ARDBs are manufactured and distributed by our components division.

ARDBs keep the air inside LTCs, conservators, sealed tanks and control cabinets dry, improving equipment reliability. The ARDB has an integrated heater that drives moisture out of the desiccant and is engineered to recharge automatically, eliminating the need for periodic maintenance of the desiccant.

PDFicon  ARDB Flyer (258k)

Dual Large ARDB

Oil Filtration System

Patent No. 6,062,821

Patented LTC Oil Filtration and Sampling System products are available for new and retrofit applications and are distributed by our components division.

For high volume LTC oil maintenance applications, a Retrofit-Plus Oil Filtration System is also available.

PDFicon Retrofit & Retrofit-Plus Oil Filtration Systems Flyer (463k)



Oil Filtration Oil Filtration 2

Nitrogen Generator System 

Patent No. 6,581,694

The patented Waukesha® Nitrogen Generator System provides a cost effective solution for transformer oil preservation and eliminates the need to replace nitrogen bottles. The unit supplies compressed nitrogen gas at only 125 psi (instead of the traditional 2,000 psi bottle pressure), which significantly reduces the possibility of system leaks. SPX Waukesha’s innovative Nitrogen Generator design uses state-of-the-art membrane separation technology — a concept proven over many years in other industry applications.

The Nitrogen Generator is available for new and retrofit applications and is manufactured and distributed by our components division.

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