Meet Warranty & Service Manager, Roy Davis

Posted: June 30, 2020

What is your role? What are your day to day activities?
I am the warranty manager for the Goldsboro, NC facility. My day-to-day activities all revolve around helping the customer. I answer many different types of questions focused on field warranty, replacement parts, finding information for older transformers like outline and nameplate drawings and general customer transformer related questions.

How long have you been at SPX Transformer Solutions? How have you seen your career grow during that time?
I have been with SPX Transformer Solutions for 35 years and have grown in title and responsibility. I started off in the sales and marketing department as an application engineer quoting mainly dry-type transformers. After 4-5 years, I was put in charge of that group. When the merger with General Signal happened, I transferred to a warranty engineer position which led to my current position for the last 15 years as the warranty manager.

What is your favorite part about working for SPX Transformer Solutions?
My favorite part of the job is helping solve the customers’ problems. Helping them find a part or drawing on a 25 year old transformer or finding the right person to answer the customer’s question is rewarding.

What has been the biggest challenge so far? How was it overcome?
The biggest challenge in my career was learning a totally different product line. Going from dry-type transformers to liquid-filled transformers was new for me as was learning the different types of customers that purchase liquid-filled transformers.

What would you say to someone interested in working for SPX Transformer Solutions?
Be ready for change! Not only will you need to adapt to the daily schedule changes but also changes in management and overall structure. Continue to work hard regardless if you are a new hire or you have been here for 35 years, and continue to work hard for the company and the customer.

Describe how you provide our customers value?
I provide value solving our customer problems after they have purchased the product and still support products we built decades ago. I think as a company we are great at supporting our customers after the purchase of the transformer, and I am proud to be part of that process.

Tell us a time when you exceeded customers expectations?
In general, when a customer calls asking for a part and we have that part available. I will provide them that part faster and less expensive than they expected.

What advice would you give to an employee to be become better at focusing on the customer?
Put yourself in the customer’s position. When dealing with a customer, think of a time when you received excellent customer service and provide that to your customer. Focus on the customer that you have in front of you at that moment and put yourself in their place. Always realize that you are a customer, too, and treat customers how you want to be treated. Go above and beyond your own obligations and expectations to focus on the needs of the customer to ensure a solution that will benefit the customer.

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