Meet Territory General Manager, Jorge Guerra

Posted: May 26, 2021

Jorge Guerra

What is your role? What are your day to day activities?
Within SPX Transformer Solutions’ commercial organization, the U.S. market is divided into four geographic regions, each of them with its own territory general manager (TGM). I have responsibility for the South Central region, which generates about 45% of total bookings per year.

Our main role as TGMs is to lead, promote and oversee sales of our products and solutions, generating market strategies and managing the execution of applicable plans to achieve continuous growth targets through the direct management of channel partners within the region. My day-to-day activities involve a constant exchange of communication among application engineers, channel partners and project managers, with the common goal of customer satisfaction and repeat business.

How long have you been at SPX Transformer Solutions? How have you seen your career grow during that time?
I have been with SPX Transformer Solutions for 38 months, and, no doubt, I am constantly learning! Management of customer-focused relations, inside and outside the company, has been a focus for me and major growth area for my career.

What is your favorite part about working for SPX Transformer Solutions?
My favorite thing about my job is the interaction dynamic between customer, channel partner, application engineers and the commercial team as a whole, all in an environment of high volume and high speed, demanding conditions.

What has been the biggest challenge so far? How was it overcome?
I have been in the industry for 31 years through three different original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and you always carry “baggage” from previous positions. These past experiences do not always match up with the environment and rules within SPX Transformer Solutions. The faster you adapt to what’s new, the sooner you will yield results. Adaptation is the end result of a lot of communication with your colleagues. Adaptation has been a major challenge for me, and every day I work to overcome my past “baggage” by listening, understanding and expressing my thoughts and ideas.

What would you say to someone interested in working for SPX Transformer Solutions?
This is a stable, organized, process-oriented and disciplined environment, leading to the highest quality power transformer manufacturing in the industry. Be ready to work hard and be open to adaptation without dropping ownership of your duties. If you do this, you can expect an outstanding outcome for years to come!

Describe how you provide our customers value.
I listen to our customers, work hard for them and deliver the expected quality on-time. My personal goal in business—and in life—is to do what I say, and exercise 100% of my “Say-to-Do-ratio.” That ratio always needs to be under 1.0.

Tell us a time when you exceeded customers’ expectations?
When I first started with SPX Transformer Solutions, a customer shared his frustration with me based on years of what he described as negative customer experiences with us as a company. After listening intently, I put together a list of all the customer’s “pain points” and the reasons why the customer believed we failed. I shared this list with the entire South Central team, and, regardless of the root cause, each one of us took ownership of items on the list. I led the team to come up with real solutions and real changes that we could implement and sustain.

Upon making our presentation of improvements to the customer, we had an open and honest conversation during which every team member took ownership and responsibility. The entire team is now visible and available to the customer for every order. Above all else, we are working to deliver a high quality product and a high quality customer experience on-time, as a team. The result: After three years, this is one of our top customers in the South Central region.

What advice would you give to an employee to be become better at focusing on the customer?
Listen to the customer, meet with the customer and always take the opportunity to ask how we can do better. Be clear when conveying the customer’s concerns to the organization and take the opportunity to figure out and present solutions that will benefit both our company and the customer’s company. If we all look at ourselves as advocates for both SPX Transformer Solutions and our customers, we will sustain our market leadership for years to come!

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