Oil Circuit Breaker Parts

SPX Transformer Solutions’ Dallas facility began as High Voltage Supply, a leader in the supply of aftermarket components for oil circuit breakers. Building on this expertise, we now offer a variety of oil circuit breaker kits to meet almost every maintenance need.

We structured our oil circuit breaker maintenance kits to include components that wear down as a result of exposure to electrical arc and mechanical wear. In addition, because customers often experience damage to equipment surrounding the interrupters and contacts, our Components Group offers a variety of lift rods, interrupter housings, bushing adapter assemblies, crossarms and mechanism bearing replacement kits. In total, over 300 different oil circuit breaker kits are available to the industry.

Our use of high-performance materials for arc chutes and interrupter assemblies provides superior arc resistance and lower water absorption, making our advanced arc chute materials more stable and less susceptible to warping or swelling.