We understand that many electric utilities have lost a significant amount of in-house expertise on equipment maintenance through attrition and consolidation. In response to this industry need, SPX Transformer Solutions developed a series of model-specific LTC maintenance training courses to teach knowledge and product-specific skills to help maintenance personnel accurately troubleshoot and repair LTC equipment.

Our comprehensive courses teach the unwritten knowledge and skills that can only be attained through years of hands-on experience. These classes run full circle to target critical skill sets that substation engineers, field crews and apprentices need to be effective—from LTC operational theory and recommended maintenance practices to model-specific maintenance inspection, contact replacement and calibration, assembly techniques and OEM design changes.


• ABB UZE-Type
• Waukesha® UZD®
• FPE TC-525, TC-546
• Reinhausen RMV-II
• McGraw 550 Series
• Siemens-Allis TLS/TLF

• Siemens-Allis TLH-20/21
• Westinghouse UTT, UTT-A, UTT-B
• General Electric LRT-68/72
• General Electric LRT-65/83
• General Electric LRT-38/48
• General Electric LRT-200 Series

For detailed information on a specific class noted above, visit the Resources section of our website, under Training.


Course Structure

Each attendee receives a course manual with easy-to-use field reference guides along with many pages of technical resources. Two instructors teach each course: our in-house LTC specialist and our training development program administrator. To be sure participants maximize their experience and hands-on learning, we limit class sizes to 15 students.

Registration Form

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Date Course

January 16-19

Waukesha® UZD®, FPE TC-525/546, Westinghouse UTT

February 19-23

Reinhausen RMV-II, McGraw 550, ABB UZE-Type

April 16-20

Waukesha® UZD®, Reinhausen RMV-II, McGraw 550

May 14-18

Reinhausen RMV-II, Westinghouse UTT, Siemens-Allis TLS/TLF

June 11-16

FPE TC-525/546, Siemens-Allis TLH-20/21, ABB UZE-Type

July 9-13

Waukesha® UZD®, McGraw 550, Westinghouse UTT

August 6-10

Reinhausen RMV-II, GE LRT-200, Siemens-Allis TLH-20/21

September 17-21

FPE TC-525/546, ABB UZE-Type, Siemens-Allis TLS/TLF

October 15-19

Waukesha® UZD®, Reinhausen RMV-II, McGraw 550

November 12-16

FPE TC-525/546, Westinghouse UTT, Siemens-Allis TLH-20/21

December 10-14

Waukesha® UZD®, GE LRT-200, ABB UZE-Type

Additional Info

In addition to scheduled Dallas classes, we can also teach customized classes at a customer’s site or regional location. For customer on-site training, our training team coordinates shipment of required training equipment to the customer’s facility or other location.

For questions regarding pricing or other details, call or e-mail your local SPX Transformer Solutions sales & service representative or an in-house representative at 800-338-5526 or spx.waukesha.info@spx.com. To register for a class in Dallas, please call 800-338-5526 or print, fill out and fax back the PDF registration form below.


Download a more detailed training brochure, request a regional class at your location, directions to the Dallas facility and Dallas hotel recommendations here: