Auto-Recharging Dehydrating Breather

Automatic recharging of desiccant maintains peak drying performance, reducing maintenance costs associated with periodic replacement / disposal of saturated silica gel.

SPX Transformer Solutions patented second generation auto-recharging dehydrating breather uses breather intelligence technology and a bypass valve to automatically schedule regeneration and isolate the transformer from the silica gel. Its modular design and high temperature, UV-resistant, anti-corrosive plastic housing allow for use in confined areas.
Maintenance costs are reduced by keeping the silica gel dry, thereby eliminating the need for periodic replacement/disposal of saturated silica gel. Logic controls that automatically “learn” to regenerate during transformer exhale only drive moisture out of the desiccant while keeping the transformer isolated from steam-generated contaminants. Included easy-to-operate timer allows variable time-based settings for user-controlled regeneration of silica gel while intelligent humidity sensor serves as a back-up to ensure user-based settings are adequate for proper breather operation. Integrated LED indicators visually alert user of breather operational status at a glance, and relay contacts are included for remote (SCADA) breather monitoring. Configurations available in small (8000 gallon capacity) and large (18,000 gallon capacity) — for increased capacity, multiple ARDB2s may be applied to the same tank.



During regeneration, a heating element located inside the breather assembly heats the partially saturated silica gel, driving moisture out. This moisture condenses on the polycarbonate tube, forming free water, which then flows down the tube and out the bottom vent.

All of our breathers ship with an environmentally-friendly and enhanced performance clear silica gel.

For breather specifications, LED indicator colors and meanings as well as part number configurations on our second generation auto-recharging dehydrating breathers, please contact us or download our ARDB2 brochure (English/Spanish):